Yes Bank shares Analysis on Current Situaion – is it Good Buy at Current Price


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Yes Bank Current Share Price Analysis – Nov-December 2018

Dont try to catch calling knife “ – This is what the perception about yes bank right now. Board members are quitting, even selection commitee members are meaning , there is something more secret which is not out in the market let me summarize the time line –

  1. Yes bank was trading at Rs400 around october , then RBI asked its founder and md chairman Rana Kapoor to quite , shares tool lower rally along with NBFC crisis and voucher low of Rs 165. Most of the wealth created by this bank destroyed in just one month.
  2. Bank reporter quarter result,it was on expected line but there was higher provision for bad loan, there might be NPA than reporter in future.
  3. Hunt for new CEO started as Rana Kapoor is sole Sarve Sarva God father of bank from its inception , new ceo candidate are yet to get finalized , we dont know new management how they will react to old pile up or new project of bank, change in management can be good or bad for bank but we are not sure about these things – a. Why RBI asked Rana Kapoor to quite, b. Why Yes bank leader NPA then actual numbers, c. There is something more then just came out in public which is not acceptable to Board Members gende they are testing to get out of the mess.

I personally dont like Bank which work on corporate lending , as corporate are more exposed to NPA, you need just 90 days to get a loan in book of NPA. Yes bank was completely dependent on one man and he is leaving now with whole lot of mess created, might be there is something more to still come out when new management take over. So it is better to keep eye on this stock , you can see small ips and down on daily basis people are very active in its trading so stock price is moving not due to its strong fundamental. Level of 250 would be heavy sell as many people have accumulated this stock at the level of 165 to 180, so let the new CEO take over then wait for a quarter result then better to buy.

There are many good stock in the market to buy in same sector or different like ICICI BANK, AXIS BANK, KOTAK, DCB along with HDFC BANK.

Better to stick with moving stock with strong fundamental then a meest stock with corporate governance issue.


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