ICICI Bank Decade Multibagger Stock – Expected to be next HDFC Bank


ICICI bank has put itself in a tight competition of India’s largest bank – HDFC, it is accelerating with higher speed to cross HDFC any time soon. Recently ICICI has improved itself in all the fronts- Overall Loan Growth, increasing retail portfolio , touched 10lakh crore in balance sheet, lower NPA and right provisioning to slippages, if any. ICICI bank has all the reasons to be largest private sector bank in india with its diversified portfolio of Corporate and Retail both.

ICICI Stock is in consolidation phase of multi-years, it has not performed over last 10-15 years, however in the last one year it has outperformed Nifty and Bank Nifty Both. Here is stock performance in last 10 year.

ICICI Bank Stock Performance 


ICICI Bank has given CAGR 9.63 % in last 5 years and 13.31 in last 10 years as detailed below – ( source : value research online )

Time Period ICICI Bank S&P BSE Sensex S&P BSE Bankex
YTD -0.94 0.87 -2.74
1 month -1.34 0.37 -3.07
3 months 17.39 6.64 8.35
1 Year 46.34 14.97 16.67
3 Years 31.69 14.98 17.97
5 Years 9.63 7.28 9.18
10 Years 13.31 9.44 13.76


As we can see the return in last 3 year in 31% CAGR and now its bad phase is passed behind, it has came out of the Bad loan phase and expecting to grow its loan growth in both retail and corporate where it has edge.

As per latest results ICICI bank is going to be next multibagger in coming decade.


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