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Book Summary “Rework – Change the way you work forever ” by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson


“Rework – Change the way you work forever ” Book Summary by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson.

Started reading book in first week of January, 2022.

Summary of Books

Book is mostly focussed on managing work and getting work done in more better way individually as well as how can small companies can focus on building the business. Books is being divided into small parts and thats is the best part, it has total 270 pages however content in it is worth just 100 pages, dont get frightened to see large number of pages. Book is very precise and to the point on clarifying each points clearly, it doesn’t have much story, fiction.

Overall book is awesome, it has cracked lot of traditional myths like dont be workaholic, dont be obsessed with work entrepreneurs etc. Here is summary of each part of book –


  1. Takedowns

    1. Learn from mistakes is overrated – better learn from success, dont asume that 90 percent of successful people fails in business.
    2. Planning is guessing – dont invest much time in planning, may be it is lot of guess it in, however personally I do not agree with writer.
    3. Why Grow – Here writer talks about dont chase for bigger company, whatever is your company size is good enough for you to sustain and grow at your own pace.
    4. Workaholism – dont be workoholic better finish your time in time and have sound sleep to keep yourself a fresh.
    5. Be a started – Dont get obsessed with word entrepreneur , better be starter.
  2. Go

    1. Make a dent in the universe – No need to find any great thing, just add value to the work your are doing.
    2. Scratch your own Itch – find solution of your own problem, most of the startup starts to solve common problem.
    3. Start – Once you have idea just work on it, similar idea comes to multiple people but the one who starts and execute is real winner.
    4. No time is no excuse – sucessful people will always fine time no matter what they do in life.
    5. Live it or leave it -attach yourself to the mission, dont just dream but make it possible.
    6. Plan – money is not everything if you are willing to do.
    7. you need less then you think
    8. Start business not a startup
    9. dont focus on exist of business,.
    10. Less mass – since you are small so you can run fast, better focus on minimalism.
  3. Progress

    1. Embarace constraints – constraints creates the opportunity.
    2. Build half a product not a half assed product – what you do , do that perfectly.
    3. Start at epicenter – focus on core business.
    4. Ignore the details early on – focus on less important things later.
    5. Dont let decisions to pile up, these are never visited again.
    6. Throw less at the problem – always focus on less but perfection.
    7. Focus on what wont change , tone is in your fingers- not in the guitar.
    8. Sell your by-products as well.
    9. Get it our there -launch the product when ready.
  4. Productivity

    1. get real, ask right questions about your work – why are you doing, are you really solving problem, are you adding value, is there an easier way.
    2. Irruption is the enemy of productivity.
    3. Meetings are toxics – waste time of many people.
    4. Good enough is fine – dont try to solve problems in complex way, there is easier solutions available always.
    5. Quick Wins – get the work done easily.
    6. Dont be hero – dont spend more time on a task if it is doable in less time.
    7. Go to sleep – enough sleep causes stuborness, lack of creativity, diminished morale.
    8. Dont estimate large task, better break large task into smaller one.
    9. Make tiny decisions – smaller decisions can help to move forward.
  5. Competition

    1. Dont copy focus on your own idea,decoomditize your product- any one can copy your idea but not your passion and yourself.
    2. Pick a fight with competitors,understand your competition, focus on you instead of they,
  6. Evolution

    1. Say no to each and every demand of customer or else you will keep on working for one customer.
    2. Let your customer outgrow you, let customer recognise your work.
    3. Dont confuse enthusiasm with priority – priotize the things which is really essential.
    4. Be at home good – dont add fashion actual product should be really helpful to customer.
    5. Dont write it down, if a customer is really interested he will always come to you remind if it is real pain for him,
  7. Promotions

    1. Welcome obscurity , build an audience, out teach your competition- dont just burn cash since your competitor is burning.
    2. Focus on explaining your own story to outside world, bring secrents out to world, dont fake or run towards big journalist, write your own blog.
    3. Marketing is everything which you do, not just one department,avoid over night sensations.
  8. Hiring

    1. Dont be yourself first -try work yourself first then hire then you can manage the people in better way.
    2. Hire when it hurts, when it is really essential.
    3. Dont be stranger, better be friendly with employee, number of years is not required instead it is related experience.
    4. Delegators are dead weight – dont hire people who just suggest work and dont do actual work.
    5. Hire managers of one – actually people who are really auto pilot mode.
  9. Damage Control

    1. Own your bad news always,speed changes everything, say sorry when needed- dont say this may have coursed,take deep breath.
  10. Culture – Culture is by product of consistent behavior,decisions are temporary, build a rockstart environment,send people home at 5pm,.

Conclusion –

Inspiration is perishable, what doesnt last forever is inspiration, it is magical thing. If you want to do something do it now.

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5 Must Watch Videos to Become Mental Strong, Get Self Respect and Being Value in your life


In this post we have listed and summarised top videos which are useful to improve your self respect, get valued and increase mental strength and succeed in life.  Here we go –

Top Videos on Mental Health

  1. – how to earn respect 

    1. Start respecting yourself first…create confident in yourself.
    2. Dont be nice too much–jyada se jyada nice mat bano.
    3. your word and work should match should be desplined for that..
    4. Treat everyon with respect – dont misbehave with lower middle class people….emotion ki kadar karo samane wale ki..bat suno unaki..
    5. Always take the responsibility of your mistakes…take stand if you are not wrong
    6. bolo kam suno jyada – always listen from people..
    7. Dont waste other people’s time – dont waste other poeple’s time.
  2. How to become mature –

    1. jitani jayda bachpan me experienc ekarate he utani hi problem life me..
    2. mental maturity vs emotional maturity – for self and other how mature you are
    3. signs of immaturity – bina soche samajhe kuchh bhi bolana, dont think about others emtion, not contorl over their emotion, bura man jana, fake promise, jealous, kismat of life ko kosana, akele me victim samajhana.
    4. sign of maturity- purposeful life jeena, emotional ful na hona, control emotion, calm rahana..dont vada jaldi se, improve relation, profession, health improve karana.
    5. how to crreate maturity –
      1. dont think you are mature
      2. be proactive always, dont overreact.
      3. understand emotion and control them
      4. stay away from drama – dont create fake drama or over emotion, negative people se away.
      5. take responsility, dont blame kisi ko bhi….
      6. dont be a follower be leader always..
  3. How to Gain Self Respect

    1. Stand for your stand always.
    2. Focus on your skills,
    3. forgive yourself and stay strong apke uper harsh mat bano.
    4. Heal your childhood drama
    5. take responsibility always
  4. 7 traits of high value man –

    1. Social and self awareness – emotional intelligence increase karo.
    2. high value straight and assertive hote he, they never fear about their arguments.
    3. they dont get exhasust easily – deplete nahi ho paye energy..
    4. No Additions – always add knowledge and reduce habits which distract from your goal.
    5. life ka purpose hota he – he has purpose of his life..think productive always…actions should speak about yourself
    6. Reliability – Always stand for reliability of himself,
    7. body and health ko hamesha achhi condition me rakhate he…mentaly strong banane ke liye body and health and heiginic jaruri he..
  5. 12 Habits of Mentally Strong People –

    1. Sacrifice in present, take pain for long term khusi,,..they has to be motivated and complete jaruri kam
    2. They understand the death – they accept the truth…
    3. They always speak truth – Lies makes you weak.
    4. They always focus their energy on life of their loved ones.
    5. they always take responsiblity of their situation, they never victimise.
    6. they set long term goal, short term goal, and keep their day structure.
    7. They thing their life is in their control – every decision is their responsibility
    8. they maintain their body, they do exercise,
    9. they dont go away from solitude – they just give time to themsleves alone.
    10. adapt in tough situaion, they dont compain.
    11. They live in present, dont think about past of future.
    12. they keep healthy boundary and never expect anything from others.
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Credit : Videos and content is taken from owner of the youtube channel, as part of free information availability.