Vijay Kedia Mantras of Investing in 2019 and His Journey


Vinay Kedia has successfully demonstrated value investing right from Kolkata to Mumbai Dalal Street Hero. Vijay Kedia thinks we do not need large capital to build large capital. If you do not know market, you can loose your whole money.
1. First stock of vijay kedia is Punjab Tractors which has given huge returns.
2. He identifies multibagger from small cap companies, he used to watch interview of investor.
3.He give more preference to good management.
4. Quality of business is secondary in front of management quality.
5. He bought various multibagger like ACC.
6. Cost of purchase is more important , it is key to enter at right time in the market.
7. Repro India, sadbhav Engineering’s are his new pics.
8. To make money you need to take risk.
9. Courage play important role in stock markets.


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