Samit Vartak Investment Philosophy – His Portfolio Sectors, Understand sageoneinvestments’s Strategy


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Samit Vartak Investment Philosophy/Mantras

Samit Vartak is early investor who believe in value investing and successfully demonstrated it by giving 500x returns on their own investment and their clients. He is also known as Midcap Master as he mostly invest in midcap companies which has huge potential to become multibagger. He runs private PMS company –  Sageone Investment ( . They have always given almost double the market return i.e. they have generated wealth for their client very well in the range of 10-15% more then the index returns, in FY2018 they have given 34% of return for their client.

Here is detailed investment strategy which Samit and his team apply before selecting a company –

  1.  “Find Companies with best long-term earnings growth prospects and buying them at reasonable prices”
    Normally grow rates are above 25% hence most of the large cap companies do not fit into above strategy, hence most of their selected companies are Quality Mid and Small Cap
  2. Focus on quality mid size companies with higher growth rate and have competitive edge to capture market share from existing players, or get completely new market shares. This mantra will work for companies having market cap around 10,000/- crore and grow at around 20-25% which can easily deliver return of around 30 % plus in 3-4 years. Examples are –  Bajaj Finance, Page Industries, Amara Raja Batteries, PI Industries,
  3. “Company should be strategically well positioned to gain market share from the competition without diluting profitability”

    Examples are – Bajaj Finance, Page Industries.

  4. Market Gain With Growth and buying at reasonable price is key.

Short Introduction  of Samit Vartak

Samit is founding member of  SageOne Investment firm. He has vast knowledge of finance and stock market. He is CFA holder and MBA from Olin School of Business of Washington University also Bachelor of Engineering degree from Sardar Patel College of Mumbai University. He has worked with Gap Inc, PwC Consulting, Deloitee and Ernst and Young. He returned back to India in 2006 and started Private Equity Management Company. He has done various research on Indian stock market, stock picking, top performing company analysis. I have attached his recent study report. He helps retail investors via various television channels as well on timely basis to share his insights on recent market trends.

Samit Vartak Investment Study  Series – Memo

Samit and his team publishes market research on timely basis like monthly some time bi-monthly where they share the deep analysis of current market, valuations, their own stock picking strategies etc, here are links of few recent studies, as investor this will really help.

Recent Interview of Samit Vartak on Value Investing and Stock Picking

  1. November 2018 interview with Bloomberg Quint on Show Alpha Moguls

    He has discussed the detailed analysis of current market scenario, macro economic factors, recent corrections and availability of good buy after correction, please do watch.



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