HDFC Securities Recommendation for 2018-19 Deewali Bonaza by Deepka Joshani


Here is the list of Stocks which HDFC Securities recommended in the month of October 2018.

  1. Dr Reddy’s  – target 2952 over 1-3 years
    • Better US Market
    • There are new products to be launched
    • Lots of cost rationalization in various business segment.
    • In the past whole sector has gone down now it is the time for the company to grow.
    • Chines market is also opened up for the company.
  2. Appolo Hospitals –
    • very well known hospital, they were underperformant in last 5 years
    • Now hospital as well as pharmacy business is doing good.
    • Pharmacy business is going with 24%
    • This stock has everything to grow in future.
    • Buy and Add on the current price.
  3. Cummins India
    • 51% percent of Cummins USA company.
    • Diesel engine manufacturing
    • Exports are going up due to support from parent.
    • Sales growth is 30% for the company.
    • Domestic Growth is also very nice.
  4. Cyient 
    • Mid cap IT stock, very attractive at this price.
    • It is in niche engineering segment.
    • It complete suites to its customer.
    • Orders are also quite healthy.
    • Valuations are quite nice.
  5. ICICI Bank 
    • Good profit
    • Top management issue is resolved
    • NPAs etc issue are resolved.
    • It new CEO is really good.
    • Valuations are very nice.
    • Along with icici and axis would do good

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