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What are some good stocks to invest in right now? by Bipin Shah


1) KEI INDUSTRIES : Government`s theme of electricity for all. The company is already in collaboration with REC as a power cable and wire supplier for various projects and it is believed tht the railway electrification project also goes to the leader of this sector- KEI industries which can rerate the stock price. CMP 376.00 One year reasonable target 800++

2) KIRLOSKAR FERROUS : One of the largest producers of pig iron used in industries. Kirloskar parentage group. It is going to increase it`s production capacity soon. Not too many players in the segment. CMP 112.00 One year target 180++

3) SANGHI INDUSTRIES: One of the largest producers of low cost cement. Key beneficiary of housing for all project. usually posts solid growth in the third and fourth quarters every year. it`s peers are as expensive as three times it`s stock price so a strong rerating can be seen after Motilal Oswal have started coverage with a buy call. CMP 139.00 One year target 265++

4) INFOSYS: After the entry of the new CEO a new ray of hope is seen for this company. improvement in quarter to quarter results, successful cost reduction initiatives and fresh orders can take this stock to it`s past glorious days. CMP 1042.00 One year target 1800++

5) SANWARIA CONSUMER LTD : The stock has already given a 800%growth last year but it`s journey has just begun as it has added multi operational businesses and new products recently. Tie up with Patanjali for supplying raw materials, robust and growing quarter results, soon to be pan-india presence all these are triggers for the stock to continue posting good numbers. CMP 26.00 One year target 95++

6) STERLITE TECHNOLOGIES : The company is a key beneficiary of digital India campaign as it is the only company with a reasonably good PE ratio with a large market cap compared to it`s peers. Has global presence and the only Indian company as of now which has got a 5G project in hand. CMP 292.00 One year target 800++

7) FINEOTEX CHEMICALS LTD : Zero debt, dividend paying speciality chemicals company with a clientele in more than 30 countries. The chemicals are used in various industries including textile industry which is going to be the best performing sector in 2018. CMP 76.00 One year target 185++

8) L.T. FOODS : The company is well known for it`s Daawat basmati rice. The company is aiming to generate at least 1 crore from each of it`s product every year with an ambition of becoming 1 billion turnover company. It also has plans of opening up it`s own outlets in 5 countries of Europe to start it`s European direct business which will generate 75% more revenues every year. Since it is expected in this budget that the export sector gets a thumbs up, LT Foods is going to give unimaginable returns frm here as many mutual fund houses have already started investing in this stock in bulk. CMP 90.00 One year target 240++

9) L&T FINANCE HOLDINGS : The company is in the consolidating phase after reaching 210 levels one month back. It`s unique business model, wide presence and a large market cap can drive it to it`s actual valuated price in the coming year. CMP 174.00 One year target 260++

10) JAMNA AUTO: Auto ancillary company with a 72% market share in auto suspension products with a huge order book, surplus cash flow, huge dividend yield and a long list of clients. Also ranked in world top 3 companies in the segment. Since suspension products are going to be used by both non electric and futuristic electric vehicles, the business of Jamna auto will be unaffected by the entry of electric vehicles. CMP 81.00 One year target 210++

CMP might differ as prepared this few days ago. Please make your own study.


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