21 Rule of Living Happy Life by Japanese Samurai | Miyamoto Musashi


Here are rules to live life happily –

Accept the reality alway

  1. Be detached from instant gratification
  2. Dont regret what you have done in your life
  3. Never be jealous  – keep yourself alone and stronger.
  4. Never sadden yourself by departure of any place or people
  5. Resentment and Complaints are worst feeling – he can never be happy
  6. Dont get guided by Lust and Love – dont get overpower by these feelings.
  7. In all things have no preferences – dont be rigid in your things, dont be closed and fixed midsets.
  8. Always change places, dont complaint existing place.
  9. Dont get attached with food for taste.
  10. Do not hold possession which you dont need – dont get attached with unwanted things.
  11. Do not follow customary/trend – create your own trend
  12. Dont collect weapons which are not used or required in your life.
  13. Dont fear death – death is ultimate truth.
  14. Do not seek to store things for your old age – try to keep yourself detached from the old age things.
  15. Respect god or budhha without any doubt – always ask for solving problem not to solve the problem.
  16. Preserve your honour always , you may loose body but keep your respect and honor always.
  17. Never stray from tough times – always fight the obstacles.

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